Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

The Daiwabo Group promotes product safety activities on a company-wide basis, aiming for customer satisfaction one step ahead by improving quality levels and promoting ESG in order to provide customers with products that have superior safety and value.

  1. We shall respond promptly to changes in social conditions and related laws and regulations, and promote product safety activities in accordance with the basic principles of legal compliance.
  2. We shall respond promptly to customer requests and constantly strive to improve quality and safety.
  3. Starting from the development stage, we shall promote product design with quality, safety, and environmental protection in mind, striving to provide safe and secure products.
  4. We shall continue to improve our quality assurance system and promote human resource development to improve our field capabilities.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to preserving the global environment necessary for healthy and cultured living, through corporate activities that are friendly to both people and the planet.

  1. In order to maintain a healthy environment, we shall continue to engage in activities aimed at reducing our environmental impact, preventing environmental pollution, and protecting the environment.
  2. We shall abide by laws, regulations, and agreements related to the environment and engage in environmental protection activities.
  3. We shall specifically promote improvements in the following areas with regard to our environmental protection activities:

    1. Saving energy
    2. Effective use of resources
    3. Reducing emissions of harmful substances into the environment
    4. Preventing chemicals that we determine to be harmful from entering our products
    5. Working to propose environmentally friendly development products
  4. In order to promote effective environmental conservation activities, we shall set and manage environmental goals and work to realize them.
  5. In order to implement and maintain this environmental policy, all employees shall be made aware of it, and it shall be made available to the public in an effort to achieve the stated goals.
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