Helping create a comfortable and sustainable
society by developing environmentally
friendly and high-value-added products that
support people’s lives.

We provide products that support daily life, including clothing such as functional innerwear and outerwear, living supplies, bedding, and more. Combining our own materials, such as cotton, rayon, and polypropylene, with a variety of functional treatments and processing, we offer environmentally friendly, high-value-added products that meet the needs of a wide variety of fields and broadly contribute to society.

Contributing to the sustainability of raw materials and eco-friendly materials

Products include Twinlet, a double-layered yarn made from recycled polyester wrapped in U.S. cotton, Texas 7, a dry-touch, voluminous material made from more than 50% U.S. cotton, Citrus Guard, an antibacterial material derived from grapefruit seeds, and more. They are used in a wide range of applications, including clothing and bedding.

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    Twinlet is a double-layered yarn made from recycled polyester wrapped in COTTON USA-certified cotton.
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    Texas 7 is made from more than 50% U.S. cotton

Developing products using U.S. cotton and contributing to an environmentally conscious society

Cotton is a sustainable natural material. U.S. cotton, in particular, is grown using farming methods that make full use of precision agriculture and state-of-the-art technology, and is cultivated taking into consideration people and the global environment. An increasing number of apparel and retail stores are using U.S. cotton to promote sustainable practices.


Cotton Council International certifies superior cotton products made with U.S. cotton, which is environmentally friendly. This mark serves as proof that sustainable and traceable raw materials are being used.

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The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol introduces advanced data collection, measurement, and third-party verification to demonstrate the sustainability of U.S. cotton. This sustainably grown cotton fiber has lower environmental and social risks. It also ensures full transparency throughout the supply chain.

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Safety-ensured high-performance products using polypropylene fiber

While polypropylene fiber has the characteristics of being (1) light, (2) warm, and (3) easy to dry, it is difficult to handle. However, using our proprietary technology, we have developed a polypropylene fiber that meets the safety standards of the Japan Chemical Fibers Association and can be mixed with cellulose fiber. It is used in a variety of fields, including for products from major apparel manufacturers and sportswear.

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    Daiwa Spinning's original polypropylene fiber brand “Duron”

What is “polypropylene fiber”?

Made from polypropylene spun into fiber, it is the lightest of the general-purpose chemical fibers. The material itself does not absorb water, so it dries quickly and has low thermal conductivity, meaning it has a high level of heat retention.


Expanding next-generation high-value-added products, such as antiviral products, into various fields

Our range of high-value-added products have a wide variety of functionality, and includes the Allercatcher Mask, a multifunctional mask using Allercatcher high-performance processing technology that has been confirmed to have antiviral properties, and Clear Fresh V, which provides antiviral properties to natural materials such as cotton. We support people’s live by providing a stable supply to various fields, including clothing, living supplies, bedding, and automobile interiors.

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    Allercatcher Masks are made of a high-performance nonwoven fabric specially treated with phthalocyanine
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    Clear Fresh V has antiviral, antibacterial, and deodorizing properties
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