Anticipating changing values, we will engage in dynamic shifts in thinking without being bound by common sense.

The Daiwabo Group operates its fiber business under Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd. Reflecting the diversification of lifestyles and changes in social structure, we are providing new value to our customers, from disposable diaper materials in the synthetic fibers business, to civil engineering sheets in the industrial materials business and casual clothing in the products and textiles business.

Thanks to the power of digital technology, the economic structure is currently undergoing a period of significant change, and there is a growing momentum for decarbonization in terms of environmental issues and changes in behavior patterns for a new normal society. In order to continue to grow as a company, we believe it is necessary to anticipate these changing values and dynamically shift our thinking without being bound by common sense. We have to change. Seizing change as an opportunity, we will effectively reallocate our management resources to create new value and actively promote co-creation with our customers.

Moreover, our corporate activities must not only create economic value, but also carry out our public and social responsibilities as a company in an integrated manner. In addition to our role in providing customers with sustainable fiber materials, our management priorities include developing a foundation for workers, maintaining the health and safety of the workplace, protecting the environment, adhering to social norms, and interacting with the local community.

We at the Daiwabo Group, as a company trusted by society, will continue our transformation with the aim of creating sustainable corporate value, and we will do our utmost to realize a more prosperous and harmonious society. We look forward to your continued support.

Kunihiko Arichi, Representative Director
Kunihiko ArichiRepresentative Director
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