Company Name Daiwabo Co., Ltd.
Head Office JRE Midosuji Daiwa Bldg. 6-8, Kyutaromachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0056 Japan
TEL/FAX TEL: +81-6281-2512, FAX: +81-6281-2522
Date of Establishment July 1, 2009 (Our predecessor, the former Daiwabo Co., Ltd., was established in 1941)
Representative Kunihiko Arichi, Representative Director President and Chief Executive Officer
Capital 3,545 million yen
Business details The purpose of Daiwabo Co., Ltd. is to contribute to the enrichment of people's lives. We are a comprehensive textile manufacturer that provides wide range of products from apparel and lifestyle products that pursue health and comfort, as well as industrial materials that support environment conservation and corporate activities. We have group companies not only in Japan but also overseas.
  • Aspirant Group Inc.85%
  • Daiwabo Holdings Co., Ltd.15%
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