We quickly catch the market needs of all industries and contribute with new materials that are environmentally friendly and highly functional.

We develop high-precision filters, heavy fabrics, civil engineering materials such as waterproof sheets and greening nets, rubber sponge products that support a wide variety of fields, and industrial sheets such as soundproof sheets and curing mesh for construction sites. By constantly grasping the needs of a wide range of fields and continuing to develop and manufacture functional materials ahead of growing demand, we are contributing to various industries that support society.

Manufacturing “cartridge filters” to support the electronic components industry

Combining our proprietary fiber technology with filter manufacturing technology, we have developed the Sekiso and Wave Star cartridge filters with microfiltration capabilities, which are used in a variety of industries, including those for electronic components, food, chemicals, paints, and more.
*Filter: Functional material for separating solids and liquids

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    Sekiso has a dual-layer structure to accommodate a wide range of applications
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    Absolute type Wave Star

Functional sheets that support civil engineering and construction fields such as tunnel construction

In addition to soundproof sheets for construction, river protection materials, and truck sheets, we have also developed waterproof sheets that are essential for tunnel construction, offering a variety of functional sheets that contribute to a wide range of fields, including civil engineering, architecture, and industry. Our tunnel construction waterproofing sheets boast not only a high level of waterproofing, but are extremely multifunctional as well, having characteristics such as excellent durability including impact and chemical resistance.

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    Waterproof sheets are an important material used to prevent water leakage into tunnels
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    Lightweight truck sheets support the transport industry. We contribute with high-value-added features to reduce the burden on shippers
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    Soundproof sheets with excellent workability and durability play an active role in a variety of construction projects

Contributing to the automotive (HV/EV), consumer electronics, and precision machinery fields with sulfur-free rubber sponges

In the rubber products field, which supports the automotive, consumer electronics, civil engineering, and construction fields with packing materials, we manufacture low-VOC products (products with a low content of hazardous substances that turn into gases in the atmosphere) and environmentally friendly “sulfur-free crosslinked rubber sponges.” They possess excellent flame resistance and greatly suppress the generation of sulfur, which corrodes metals, so they are used in HVs and in the packing around the base of LED lighting. Furthermore, they are being considered for adoption in the field of EVs in the future.

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    Sulfur-free rubber sponges are used for packing LED lights and are expected to reduce metal corrosion
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    Contributing to various industries with a diverse range of industrial rubber packing
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