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“Highly moisture-absorbing/releasing viscose rayon”

This product is a comfortable fiber that has both moisture-absorbing and -releasing functions imparted by kneading special functional agents into viscose rayon.

Moisture-absorbing/releasing properties

Viscose rayon is a material that has a more exceptional moisture-absorbing property than cotton. This property is enhanced and a moisture-releasing property is further added.

Test organization: Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation
Test piece: Raw stock

*The numerical values of the test results may vary with the blending ratios, knitted structures, or treatment conditions. Before presenting the numerical values to general consumers, check them for each product.

Physical properties of fiber

The basic physical properties are almost the same as those of regular viscose rayon.
Since the functional agents are kneaded, the effects are sustainable even after washing.

  The fiber 1.4 dtex × 38 mm Regular viscose rayon 1.4 dtex × 38 mm
Fineness (dtex) 1.44 1.4
Dry strength (cN/dtex) 2.05 2.4
Wet strength (cN/dtex) 0.94 1.3
Dry elongation (%) 18.2 18.0
Wet elongation (%) 20.2 22.0

 *The values of the fiber are actual measurements. The values of regular viscose rayon are specifications.

“Viscose rayon containing oleic acid and vitamin E”

We have developed a plant-based material gentle to human beings.

A merger of “Cellulose”, “Oleic acid”, and “Vitamin E”

A soft and moist feel unique to the fiber

Shape of the fiber

The fiber has a large number of small chambers formed in its fibers.
Oleic acid and vitamin E are trapped in each chamber.

Functionality of the fiber

With the capability of removing active oxygen radicals on fiber, the fiber exerts a relaxing effect.
It is said that stress and active oxygen radicals are closely related to each other.
The fiber with the function of relaxation refreshes you.

Remaining properties of viscose rayon

The fiber is a product developed by utilizing the properties of viscose rayon.
In this product, the properties unique to viscose rayon are not affected, and the effects of oleic acid and vitamin E of plant origin are expected. This product still has various properties of viscose rayon and, of course, is environmentally-friendly. The fiber is an ecological fiber with biodegradability that naturally degrades in soil and returns to soil.


▼Picture: Cross section of the fiber

The fiber has a large number of small chambers formed in its fibers. Oleic acid and vitamin E are trapped in each chamber.

What is oleic acid?

Oleic acid is an oil and fat component making up about 80% of olive oil.
It is a predominant component of human sebum, and is used as the raw material of cosmetics, such as cream and lotion, in many cases.

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a component that cannot be produced in the living body. It is an oil and fat component contained in soy beans, almonds, or other food, in large proportions.