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Industrial materials

Cartridge filter

Daiwabo Progress supplies a wide variety of filters to the industrial sector, including for the electronics, chemical, paint and food industries. In addition to the filter, which is made using the composite fiber of our original technology. we have a pleated filters and a lineup of products that also includes membrane types. We are continuing to advance as an all-round cartridge filter manufacturer in order to respond to the various requirements of our customers.

Filter cloth

We manufacture cloth for the filtering of water and liquids and it is used in a wide range of industries. The main materials we use are polypropylene, polyester and nylon and we make proposals to fit the characteristics of various different industries with different material selections, thread profiles and weaving methods.

Construction materials

We produce sheets which are a three-dimensional network structure produced mainly from polypropylene and sheet of EVA attached to non-woven fabric. The applications for this include slope protection, drainage material on the rear surface of retaining walls and waterproof sheets for tunnels and the sheets have proven results as construction materials in a wide range of industries.

Synthetic fiber canvas

Our synthetic fiber canvas is currently used in a great range of industrial materials as truck sheets or canvas for warehouses. In addition to the basic performance of antifouling, flame resistance and weight reduction, it is a canvas series processed to provide functions to meet new requirements such as mite control and mold prevention. Furthermore, we have also added the synthetic fiber canvas of 100% olefin, which is attracting attention from the viewpoint of environmental conservation, and there is truly a wide variety of options available.

Industrial fibers

In the field of industrial fibers, we mostly manufacture and sell cloth for uniforms. Our uniform for welding was created when we incorporated the various requests of the customers. The characteristic feature of this uniform is that it realizes both the

comfort obtained through using 100% cotton and the safety to protect the body from sparks. These were realized by using the fabric which has a flame proof finish.