Daiwabo group

Daiwabo Progress Co.,Ltd.

Corporate profile


April, 1941 Daiwabo established, having head office in Osaka, by merging of four companies: Kinka Boseki, Hinode Boseki, Izumo Boseki and Wakayama Boseki.
May, 1944 Join in the management of Soyogomu Co., Ltd.
June, 1951 Soyogomu Co., Ltd renamed Daiwagomukakou Co., Ltd.
June, 1971 Daiwashizai Co., Ltd. was established as distributor of Daiwabo Co., Ltd. in dryer canvas for paper making.
August,1988 Daiwagomukakou Co., Ltd renamed Daiwagomu Co., Ltd.
October, 1992 Daiwagomu Co., Ltd merger.
October, 1992 Daiwa maru s Co., Ltd.established.
January, 1998 P.T. Daiwabo Industrial Fabrics Indonesia established in Cirebon, Indonesia.
January, 2006

The company succeeded to the business formerly operated by the Canvas, Industrial Materials and Rubber departments of Daiwabo Co., Ltd. as a result of split of these departments, and changed its name to Daiwabo Progress Co., Ltd.

September, 2006 Tire manufacture business of Masuda Daiwagomu Co.,Ltd inherited.
January, 2007 P.T. Daiwabo Sheetec Indonesia established in Cirebon, Indonesia.