Daiwabo group

Daiwabo Polytec Co.,Ltd.

Corporate profile


April, 1941 It was Daiwabo Co., Ltd. Futamihanpu factory by a merger.
March, 1964 Renamed to Daiwabo Co., Ltd. Harima Factory.
May, 1970 Polypro Factory addition.
March, 1993 NBF Equipment addition.
March, 1993 Nonwoven fabric Equipment remodeling.
October, 1993 High functionality Spinning Equipment remodeling.
April, 1994 The company was split from Daiwabo Co., Ltd. and started business as Daiwabo Polytec Co., Ltd.
October, 1995 Opening of Mikawa Factory.
March, 1997 IS0-9001 certification (Harima Factory · Mikawa Factory · Harima Research & Development Center)
July, 2000 NBF Equipment addition.
August, 2000 Opening of Masuda Factory.
April,2004 10th anniversary of establishment.
January, 2006 The company succeeded to the businesses of Synthetic Fiber department of Daiwabo Co., Ltd. and Synthetic Fiber Sales department of Daiwashizai Co., Ltd. as a result of split of these departments and became a company of integrated manufacturing and sales system.
January, 2006 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
April, 2006 Increased capital to 310 million yen.
June, 2009 IS0-14001 certification (Harima Factory · Mikawa Factory · Harima Research Center)
December, 2012 P.T. Daiwabo Nonwoven Indonesia (D.N.I.) establishment.
April,2014 20th anniversary of establishment.