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Daiwabo Polytec Co.,Ltd.

Corporate profile

Corporate profile


President Kiyokazu Saito President Kiyokazu Saito

  • Our Company assists our customers to create new products by means of synthetic fibers.
  • We strive to create fibers from all materials in the world.
  • We endeavor to develop new synthetic materials based on the concepts of "Healthy and Comfortable".
  • We contribute to the creation of a suitable environment for living.
Corporate name Daiwabo Polytec Co,Ltd.
Head office

Midosuji Daiwa Bldg.6-8, Kyutaromachi 3-chome,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan

President Kiyokazu Saito
Capital 310 million yen
Date of establishment March 18, 1994
Board of directors President                                 Kiyokazu Saito
SeniorManagingDirector            Yasuaki Kubota
Director                                   Shinji Ikeda
Director                                   Koji Mano
Director                                   Masahiro Otsuki
Director                                   Kazunari Fukushima
Auditor                                    Kunihiko Arichi
Auditor                                    Haruhiko Ishida

Description of business

• Manufacture, processing and sale of synthetic fiber, yarn, cloth and nonwoven fabric, and other fiber materials and fiber products of various kinds.
• Manufacture, processing and sale of industrial materials using various kinds of synthetic fibers.

Number of employees 404(As of March 31,2019)