Daiwabo group

Daiwabo Neu Co.,Ltd.

Corporate profile


April, 1941 Daiwabo established, having head office in Osaka, by merging of four companies: Kinka Boseki, Hinode Boseki, Izumo Boseki and Wakayama Boseki.
March, 1965 New York office established.
June, 1971 P.T. PRIMATEXCO INDONESIA established.
April, 1990 P.T. DAYANI GARMENT INDONESIA established.
October, 1990 SUZHOU DAIWA KNITTING AND GARMENT CO.,Ltd is established in China.
July, 1993 Daiwabo Techno Station established in Ishikawa-ken Mikawa-cho.
July, 2004 Shanghai office established.
October, 2005 DAIWABO INDUSTRIES (SUZHOU) CO., Ltd. established in China.
January, 2006 Daiwabo Neu Co., Ltd. was launched as a new company by splitting the businesses of Fiber Materials, Textile and Product departments of Daiwabo Co., Ltd.
March, 2011 P.T. DAIWABO GARMENT INDONESIA established.
August, 2012 SKL Logistics (SUZHOU) CO., Ltd established in China.
January, 2013 Daiwabo Techno Station is reconstructed Daiwabo Polytec Co., Ltd Harima Factory.
April, 2017 Daiwabo Techno Station is reconstructed Shinshu University.