Operating companies

Operating companies

Operating companies

Synthetic fiber business Division

We produce a variety of fibers, nonwoven fabrics, and products that support the health and prosperity of people all over the earth.

In addition, based on our corporate stance of "friendly to the environment and human health," we are promoting the development of environmentally-friendly fibers and nonwoven fabrics that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Meeting sustainability needs with environmentally friendly nonwovens

We are focused on developing eco-friendly materials that have excellent functionality.

One of these is  the nonwoven fabric which is gentle to the touch and uses a plant-derived marine biodegradable rayon (Daiwabo Rayon's products).

There is also a biodegradable composite fiber where 75% of the components are derived from plants, and only the sheath of the core-sheath structure is heat-sealed to form a nonwoven fabric.

We provide such sustainable and SDG-compatible products for a wide range of fields.

Customer-first integrated services, from raw material to product

Baby diapers, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, facial masks, and other products that contact the skin are required “safe and secure” quality.

We provide customized and optimal products that meet the needs of customers through our integrated production and sales system—from raw materials to finished products.

During the research and development process, we repeatedly evaluate products using laboratory testing machines and carefully reflect our findings into fibers and nonwoven fabrics.

From Japan to the global market via the thriving ASEAN



   P.T. Daiwabo Nonwoven Indonesia (D.N.I.)
   P.T. Daiwabo Nonwoven Indonesia (D.N.I.)

In ASEAN, there is a rapid increase in the demand for nonwoven fabrics in sanitary materials, cosmetics, nursing care, and medical care.

To provide materials for these wide-ranging applications, we have established P.T. Daiwabo Nonwoven Indonesia (D.N.I.) in Indonesia as a production base for nonwoven fabrics.

We are establishing a global production and sales system for a variety of manufacturing that suits various lifestyles with highly functional and unique materials producing by our special processing technologies in Japan and overseas.