Operating companies

Operating companies

Operating companies

Industrial Materials Division

We are developing new materials while adding functionality to our own materials and raw materials from inside and outside our Group to meet the diverse needs of the industrial and civil engineering fields.

We have expanded our production network overseas so that we can deliver reliable products to users around the world.

Manufacturing filters (filter materials) * that utilize Daiwabo core technology.

We develop, produce, and sell filters that contribute to product quality in many industries including electronics, food, chemicals, paints, and water treatment.

The cartridge filter that filters precisely using nonwoven fabrics is based on the fusion of our fiber technologies and filtration technologies, and contributes to industrial fields at integrated production systems from raw materials through to development and production in the field of high-precision filters.

We also supply filter fabric manufactured using proprietary weaving technology and with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and wastewater treatment.

* Filter: A functional material that separates solids and liquids by a straining process.

Providing various products from various viewpoints to the civil engineering, construction and transportation industries.

In the industrial materials business, we provide behind-the-scenes support for variety products.

For example, these support social infrastructures in a wide range of applications including for tunnel water proofing materials, river protection materials, truck seats, and cooler bags that support the transportation industry and event tents.

Developing industrial rubber sponges and tires for professional bicycle races.

In the rubber products business, our rubber sponges with excellent airtightness and impact resilience are used as packing materials for automobiles, home appliances, construction, civil engineering materials, etc.

Regarding sports applications, Our bicycle racing tires are based on high technical strength.

We also offer product for ball sports such as rubber baseballs.