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Dryer Canvas

The dryer section of paper machines is required to use sophisticated technology to rapidly and efficiently dry the moisture from the paper. The Daiwabo Dryer Canvas assists in this. It has excellent air permeability and durability and it is a special fabric that is easily drawn in.
As the paper making conditions are changing, the requirements of the customers for the dryer section are becoming very diverse. We have developed and prepared a range of canvases that can be used without concern in various conditions. Our four bases in Japan will continue to work to supply the ultimate quality, the latest technology and meticulous service.

Plastic Mesh Belt

The“Plastic Mesh Belt” from Daiwabo Progress was developed based on the foundation of the technical strength we have cultivated in our Dryer Canvas for paper making, which has built up solid proven results both in Japan and overseas.
The quality and performance of the Plastic Mesh Belt have also been highly evaluated in a wide range of sectors.


▼Features of the Plastic Mesh Belt
• It is flexible and fits flexibly to any machine.
• It is lightweight, so it is easy to handle.
• The pin seam method of joining means that attachment is easy.
• Stable running is obtained.
• It has good air permeability, so it is ideal for drying and water washing equipment.
• It is possible to select the materials to fit the conditions of use.
• It has excellent durability and abrasion resistance.
• It is chemically stable and has good resistance to acids and alkalis and to chemicals.


▼Main applications
Paper pulp industry, construction materials industry, dyeing industry, non-woven fabric industry, rubber industry, food industry, fiber industry, waste water treatment equipment, filtering, drying and conveyance applications in general

Forming Fabric

Ever since Daiwabo was established as a general fiber manufacturer in 1941, we have continued to build up solid results in the paper making industry as a manufacturer of dryer canvas, with certain quality that is trusted. In 1999, our Izumo Factory, which is a manufacturing site, was certified for ISO9001. In 2003, as one part of our efforts to expand our business operations, we began the manufacturing and sales of forming fabric based on the technology we had developed so far.
From now onwards, we believe that we will be able to make an even wider contribution and promise to work to respond to the unceasing requests of our customers.